The French ski resort of Courchevel relies on digital solutions in piste management.

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Courchevel offers access to the largest ski area in the world, Les 3 Valées with over 600 km of excellent piste and over 1,512 ha of groomed runs. Some 154 lifts take guests up the mountain in summer and winter. With 85% of the ski area above 1,800 meters and the largest artificial snow system in France (2,189 snowmakers covering 50% of the ski area), snow is guaranteed from the beginning to the end of the season.


Case Study

Status: 02/2020

The French ski resort Courchevel relys on digital solutions for slope management. Romain Hazucka, manager of the ski resort, equipped the entire vehicle fleet with SNOWsat ToDo. In an interview, he explained how the digital solution for task management revolutionizes daily work.

KGF: Mr. Hazucka, how do you use SNOWsat ToDo at your ski resort?

Romain Hazucka: We use SNOWsat ToDo in all snow groomers at Courchevel. Since we work in 2 shifts, this solution gives us support for preparing slope grooming and planning all of the tasks for both shifts.

KGF: How does SNOWsat ToDo support you in coordinating tasks?

Romain Hazucka: The slope manager creates the plan for slope grooming. He uses SNOWsat ToDo to assign certain tasks to each operator. Then the operator sees these on the vehicle display and can take care of them right on the slope. In addition, the operator can add comments or instructions for the next shift or the next day. Before the shift begins, the team manager of the second shift sees what has been completed and which tasks still have to be done. This lets the manager quickly adapt the grooming plan. Another advantage: SNOWsat ToDo lets us enter tasks at the computer—even if the snow groomers have already entered the ski area.

The time-consuming documentation and coordination, which used to be done in the form of reports, is now completely digitized thanks to SNOWsat ToDo. This makes communication fast, efficient and error-free.

KGF: To what extent has SNOWsat ToDo changed how the daily grooming plan is created?

Romain Hazucka: The creation of customized grooming plans provides us with major advantages. Every night, we adapt our planning based on the weather conditions and the work that was done the night before. SNOWsat ToDo lets us combine the grooming plans with the snow depth maps from the last three days. This lets us see up-to-date changes on and next to the slope. Using SNOWsat ToDo, we can adapt tasks and plans as needed. As a result, slope grooming is even more efficient and even more resources are conserved.

KGF: What is your conclusion about SNOWsat ToDo?

Romain Hazucka: We save a lot of time with SNOWsat ToDo. This solution improves communication across areas. The slope manager, team manager and operators always know the current status of the last shift and what has to be done. We used to have to print out documents and make handwritten notes. SNOWsat ToDo lets us enter, process and manage up to 140 tasks every night. The digital solution is highly convenient, reliable and efficient.

The operators greatly appreciate this new work method. In combination with the information from SNOWsat ToDo, they can put their expertise and experience to use even more efficiently.

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