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Snow depth

Since 2011 SNOWsat snow depth measurement has provided an accurate overview of the snow situation in the ski resort. Knowing the exact snow depths on the slopes, you can use the snow in a targeted manner - this not only leads to more productivity, but also conserves resources and protects the environment at the same time.   

Where is snow missing? Where are there still snow reserves? SNOWsat snow depth measurement answers these and other important questions. High-precision satellite technology is used, enabling the calculation of snow depth not only under the vehicle, but also at the blade or up to 50 meters in front of the snow groomer. The result: using the snow with maximum effectiveness and efficiency, opening slopes earlier and for a longer period, and reducing your costs. With SNOWsat snow depth measurement you can save up to 25 percent of your operating costs. Get your competitive advantage now and discover SNOWsat!  

PistenBully räumt Schnee mit Schild
Without SNOWsatthere's no way we would have managed to open the slopes on time - and then keep them open!  
Matthias In-Albon, CEO Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad

slope overview
in the office
SNOWsat Schneehöhenkarte

See the entire snow depth situation in your ski resort at a glance!  

In the office software, the exact snow depths are displayed for each individual slope. Operations management, snowmaking, grooming, operators, ski patrol - all teams get the same information base. A huge advantage, not only for new and inexperienced employees. With the help of the snow depth data, snowmaking and slope preparation can be planned in a targeted manner.  The overall view allows you to identify areas with little snow at an early stage and react in time. 

Snow depth measurement
in the snow groomer 

SNOWsat Schneetiefenmessung Fahrzeugdisplay mit LiDAR

Producing the best slope every day – thanks to SNOWsat.  

Thanks to the snow depth measurement display in the snow groomer, the operator knows the exact snow situation. A high-precision sensor measures the snow depth under the vehicle, at the blade and now, with the world’s first SNOWsat LiDAR even up to 50 m in front of the snow groomer in real time. The operator thus can identify areas with little snow or snow reserves and move the snow in a targeted manner. This creates a stable slope - even when there is rather little snow available.  

Training for maximum efficiency 

We support you with training courses on-site and online – Flexible, effective and tailored precisely to you. 

Vorausschauende Schneehöhenmessung: SNOWsat LiDAR


See the future.

SNOWsat LiDAR – a world first in snow depth measurement – already measures snow depth up to 50 meters in front of the vehicle. 
The high-precision LiDAR sensor scans an area of up to 2,600 square meters in real time in front of the snow groomer.
SNOWsat LiDAR allows operators to detect low-snow areas from a distance and react at an early stage  

Environmentally friendlyoperation 
SNOWsat Display im Fahrzeug

SNOWsat is an important contributor to a sustainable and resource-conserving operation at your ski resort.  

The comprehensive database on the snow situation in the entire ski resort reveals optimization potential. The daily analysis of real-time snow depths allows you to control the areas of snowmaking and grooming in a targeted manner. Through data-based and demand-oriented planning, you can reduce your expenditure on water, fuel and energy by up to 25 percent. This not only conserves valuable resources, but also reduces your costs in these areas over the long term.   

Land and terrain damage are also significantly reduced through the use of SNOWsat snow depth measurement. Since the operators know the exact snow depths for the entire ski resort, they can react to low-snow areas early on.  

Conserve resources – save costs

We all face challenges: Resources and energy are becoming rarer – while becoming more and more expensive. SNOWsat supports you in not only continuing to keep up your snow management under enormous conditions, but in mastering it efficiently.


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