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Predictive snow depth measurement

SNOWsat LiDAR marks the beginning of a new era in snow depth measurement.


SNOWsat LiDAR is revolutionizing snow depth measurement. Until now, snow depth has been measured underneath the vehicle and the front blade. SNOWsat LiDAR measures snow depth up to 50 m (165 ft) in front and to the side of the vehicle on a surface of up to 2,600 m² (28,000 sqft). The operator can thus respond to spots with little snow early on. 

The result:
Every day the best slope quality for the guest, enhanced productivity, enormous cost savings, conservation of resources, and increased work and operating safety.

How SNOWsat LiDAR works

The facts on SNOWsat LiDAR

What customers say about SNOWsat LiDAR 

SNOWsat Kunde Corsin Clopath, Leitung SOS und Fahrzeuge, Weisse Arena Gruppe, Laax

Why we in Laax have partnered up with SNOWsat LiDAR? That's very obvious – We think LiDAR is the future of snow depth measurement. It will further optimize the utilization of the available quantities of snow and, at the same time, make it possible to spread the snow faster and in a more targeted way. At the same time, this solution plays into our "Greenstyle" company principle – that is, to preserve the environment as much as we can.

Corsin Clopath, Head of SOS and Vehicles, Weisse Arena Gruppe, Laax (Switzerland)

SNOWsat Kunde Martin Hurm, Betriebsleiter der Bayerischen Zugspitzbahn AG

What do I expect from SNOWsat LiDAR? As a matter of fact, I have seen it before with my own eyes! It is absolutely awesome that we can see the snow depth data that far ahead of the vehicle and to the side. This helps us when we create snow reserves or grade slopes ... This is a quantum leap!

Martin Hurm, Operations manager, Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG (Germany)“

SNOWsat Kunde Karl Dirnhofer, Technischer Leiter der Bayerischen Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG

The snow depth map gives the operator the opportunity to even better estimate snow drifts or the snow displacement that is generated in normal skiing operations. The operator can see where on the left and right snow can be dug out if it should become scarce. The great advantage of LiDAR is that we have real-time data. This means that, while driving, the operator immediately sees how the snow cover in front of him or her is structured. Consequently, the operator can respond immediately, which of course saves a lot of time.

Karl Dirnhofer, Technical Director - Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG (Germany)

SNOWsat Kunde Lukas Reinhard, Leitung Parkbau Weisse Arena Gruppe, Laax (CH)

„The [predictive] snow depth measurement supports [us] in making snow plowing more efficient because it allows us to respond sooner. We now detect spots with little snow much earlier and thus we can rebuild the snow cover in a timely manner.

Lukas Reinhard, Head of Snowpark Preparation, Weisse Arena Gruppe, Laax (Switzerland)

Logo vom Hintertuxer Gletscher

Not only in the winter ski area, but also on the glacier up to 3,250 meters, SNOWsat LiDAR shows its strength with the precise snow depth measurement. The system is ideally suited for building depots, preparing and measuring fleece areas and marking obstacles. The system forms a solid foundation for digitization in ski resorts and we are very pleased that this innovative system makes our daily work easier!

Slope Team Hintertux (Austria)

SNOWsat Kunde Armin Schmid, FahrerchefWeisse Arena Gruppe, Laax (CH)

Thanks to [predictive] snow depth measurement, we can make optimal use of our snow reserves (both from technical and natural snow). At the same time, LiDAR supports drivers in poor visibility, because even then it provides a good overview of the snow situation. This means that drivers always navigate safely even in extreme visibility conditions.

Armin Schmid, Head of drivers,
Weisse Arena Gruppe, Laax (Switzerland)

Your advantages 

This is how you benefit from SNOWsat LiDAR


SNOWsat LiDAR makes daily slope grooming more efficient and effective.

Schneetiefenmessung ohne SNOWsat LiDAR

Snow depth measurement without SNOWsat LiDAR

Schneetiefenmessung mit SNOWsat LiDAR

Snow depth measurement with SNOWsat LiDAR

Cost Savings

Lower your operating fluid expenses and reduce the risk of damage to your machinery.

Slope Quality

Offering the best slope to your guests day after day – Easier than ever thanks to SNOWsat LiDAR.

Mit SNOWsat LiDAR werden Schneereserven und Schneedepots frühzeitig erkannt
Operating Safety

Keep your slopes open from the first through the last day of the season.


The predictive snow depth measurement makes an important contribution to ski area operation that is sustainable and cuts down on resources.

Work safety

SNOWsat LiDAR provides safety and orientation to operators even in adverse weather conditions or if operators lack experience. 

See the future

With SNOWsat LiDAR, snow groomer operators can literally See the Future. Before now, they only knew the snow depth that was measured under the vehicle. Using SNOWsat LiDAR, operators see the snow depth up to 50 m in front of the vehicle – and even on the driving paths to the side. 


The predictive snow depth measurement SNOWsat LiDAR is exclusively installed in PistenBully. SNOWsat LiDAR can be ordered ex works for all new PistenBully 100, 400 and 600 series. 

The LiDAR sensor is mounted centrally on the roof of the PistenBully. 

Der SNOWsat LiDAR Sensor wird mittig auf dem Dach des PistenBully verbaut.

For your existing PistenBully fleet, SNOWsat LiDAR can be retrofitted for all vehicles of the 100, 400 and 600 series with year of manufacture 2017 and newer.

The LiDAR sensor has already been subjected to several shock, vibration and UV stress tests by the manufacturer and has also been extensively tested by Kässbohrer in winter in fog and snowfall. The results are convincing:  

So far, the SNOWsat LiDAR predictive snow depth measurement has not failed in any situation due to weather or load.

Application examples


Application example 1: Increased response time

With SNOWsat LiDAR, the operator can literally "See the Future." Operators have the option of responding to spots with little snow that are far ahead of them or even in a different driving path without having driven over them. 


Application example 2: Snow depth adjacent to the slope

Thanks to SNOWsat LiDAR, you know the snow depth over an area of up to 2,600 m² (28,000 sqft) in front and to the side of the vehicle, and you can thus even respond to spots with little snow that are not on your current driving path.

Mit SNOWsat LiDAR werden Schneereserven und Schneedepots frühzeitig erkannt


Application example 3: Detection of snow reserves

 SNOWsat LiDAR provides early indication of snow reserves and snowdrifts away from the slope to be groomed. The operator thus becomes aware of snow reserves for spots lacking snow without driving over them.


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