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resource management

Good planning is half the battle. Through the targeted use of your snow reserves, you secure your operation from the first to the last day of the season - and thus have a clear competitive advantage! With SNOWsat Snow Management, you have an overall view of the areas of slope preparation and snowmaking. You can define target snow depths for specific slope sections and time periods. These are automatically compared with the daily actual situation. SNOWsat Snow Management is your data-based decision-making tool for necessary measures.

This is how efficient snow management works

Starting in summer, define the snow areas and set the target values for the various phases of the season.

Start the first snowmaking and base-layer snowmaking for the slopes.

Real-time scanning of snow depths with SNOWsat LiDAR enables you to measure the snow depths.

Compare the defined target values and the actual snow depths in SNOWsat Web.

Start targeted additional snowmaking as needed to achieve the defined target values.

Start constructing the slopes.

Training for maximum efficiency 

We support you with training courses on-site and online – Flexible, effective and tailored precisely to you. 

For perfect slope quality 

A data-based learning process supports you in continuously optimizing your planning, saving resources and offering your customers perfect slopes throughout the entire season.

Optimal quality of the slopes with minimum necessary use of resources - this is what SNOWsat Snow Management is all about. Even before opening day, you plan the snow depths for the individual slope sections. Set target values for different points in time during the season. As the season progresses, the continuous comparison between your targets and the current snow conditions provides you with a real-time overview of the situation in the ski area. Use it to identify snow reserves in the pre-season. React to low-snow areas early on during ongoing operations by adjusting the necessary slope preparation and snowmaking measures. 

SNOWsat Schneemanagement

Optimized communication

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Central access to snow management data leads to faster decisions, increased transparency and satisfied employees.

SNOWsat Snow Management provides a common database for the areas of snowmaking and slope preparation. Clear specifications for all teams can be set and tracked via the software. All departments have the same level of knowledge - errors are less frequent and employee satisfaction increases. 

Save time, money and resources

With SNOWsat Snow Management, you use the available resources in a targeted and sustainable manner.

With SNOWsat Snow Management, you can sustainably reduce your expenses. Through the targeted planning of technical snowmaking, only the amount of snow that is actually needed is produced. Since you know exactly how much snow is in which place, you can also optimize the use of snow groomers. Less fuel consumption and time saved for your drivers are exemplary results of using SNOWsat snow management. 

SNOWsat Schneemanagement

Conserve resources – save costs

We all face challenges: Resources and energy are becoming rarer – while becoming more and more expensive. SNOWsat supports you in not only continuing to keep up your snow management under enormous conditions, but in mastering it efficiently.


Opt for sustainable and resource-saving work with SNOWsat Snow Management.
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