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SNOWsat in the vehicle

Work smarter, not harder

The SNOWsat vehicle application has been made fit for the future to satisfy increasing requirements as well as new technological standards. The software sets new standards and offers your operators an incomparable user experience. With SNOWsat iX you offer your drivers an attractive workplace. Easy and intuitive to operate: Get in and start driving!

With SNOWsat iX, your drivers achieve optimal work results. Your slopes are groomed  even more precisely with even greater efficiency and thus greater eco-friendliness.

Discover the future of slope maintenance and see for yourself how valuable our innovative features and the intuitive user interface are. SNOWsat iX — the standard for snow depth measurement and fleet management in your ski area.

SNOWsat Key Visual
Mathias Sommer
After a few clicks, I immediately understood the system. It is very logical and intuitive.
Matthias Sommer, operator, Weisse Arena Gruppe Laax, Switzerland
Unique advantages
SNOWsat iX Splitscreen in the vehicle
SNOWsat iX in the vehicle
SNOWsat Dark light Mode
SNOWsat LiDAR at night
Training for maximum efficiency 

We support you with training courses on-site and online – Flexible, effective and tailored precisely to you. 

Tips and tricks 
Quick access to SNOWsat iX

Save your favorite views and personal settings in your user profile. You can simply select and start this when you start work - regardless of whether you always use the same snow groomer or change vehicles from time to time. You have everything to hand as usual. Say goodbye to constantly switching or reconfiguring views, you can get started right away.

Design and save your individual screen layouts. Whether split screens for parallel views of snow depths and tracks or the display of all slopes, snow guns and anchor points - everything is possible. Choose your favorite view as your start screen and get started right away!

Switch between the light and dark mode of the screen for an optimum display and a pleasant working environment in the snow groomer - no matter how bright the sun shines or how dark it is at night.

Are you looking for the snow shaft where you can place your snow gun? Display the geoposition of the snow shaft on your screen: Simply click, select and navigate effortlessly. The distance and direction of your destination are clearly displayed at the bottom of the screen - this also applies to anchor points and other elements.

Have you come across a waterhole? Inform your colleagues effortlessly by simply creating a geopoint from the snow groomer. That way, everyone knows about it, without WhatsApp, phone calls or long directions.

Have you discovered a fallen warning sign? Inform your colleagues without detours or many phone calls by creating a geo-based task. Teamwork has never been so easy!

Have you encountered a problem while working on the slopes? In this case, a snow fence needs to be erected. You get to work, but you quickly realize that the fence is damaged and you can't get the job done. Let your colleagues know by leaving a comment.

During your work, you come across an open area on a slope where a snow fence needs to be erected? Once you have selected the task, the distance and direction are displayed at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you have completed the task, the color of the task changes. You and your colleagues can now see that there is nothing more to do.

The SNOWsat LiDAR sensor can provide you with enormous support, especially when building slopes, when there is usually still little snow. If it is switched on, you can detect snow outside the slope far in front of and next to the vehicle and bring it onto the slope.

Prepare a perfect slope surface despite snowfall, fog or poor visibility. Simply click through your map tools and select the snow groomer assistant. This view shows you which sections of the slope have already been prepared with the tiller. This allows you to tear up the slope precisely and create a perfect slope.

Instead of grooming the slopes, are you out pushing snow today, or delivering loads of drinks to the hut? If you have set up cost centers, you can select them directly in SNOWsat iX. This links the tour directly to the cost center. When you are finished, you can simply deselect the cost center.

If problems occur with SNOWsat iX during operation, you can simply report them: Take a photo of the vehicle data and send the problem, including the photo, to your service colleague.


The most state-of-the-art and secure IoT technology standards ensure reliable encryption of the vehicle communication — for secure identification, authorization and encrypted communication between the vehicles.

With SNOWsat iX, you experience an impressive performance owing to the innovative programming language and an optimized codebase. Thanks to efficient memory optimizations, SNOWsat iX offers you an application that runs smoothly and without a hitch. 

Thanks to an optimized, powerful algorithm, you achieve even more precise snow depth measurement. SNOWsat iX enables you to get real-time data and have seamless data transmission.


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