Perfect Slopes

Data-based snow management with SNOWsat


SNOWsat LiDAR liefert dem Fahrer Echtzeitdaten über die Schneehöhe von bis zu 50 m vor und neben dem Fahrzeug.

Professional snow management is the key to safe, efficient and economical ski operations and always optimal slope quality throughout the season. SNOWsat has been the reliable partner of ski resorts around the world for more than 10 years and provides the data-based decision support for this.

Great potential lies in data-driven snow management 
In the beginning was snow depth measurement: it forms the basis for data-driven professional snow management. Thanks to SNOWsat, over 350 customers worldwide benefit from a real-time overview of the current snow situation on their slopes. Thanks to seamless documentation of all relevant data, you no longer have to rely on gut feeling alone. It's a perfect combination: the experience of the drivers - they know where the snow reserves are, for example - is backed up with data that then forms the basis for further optimization. In this way, everyone benefits from the data: Slope managers and snowmakers in operations, management and operations management in strategic decisions.

And with a world first, it goes even further
A revolutionary advancement here is predictive snow depth measurement - SNOWsat LiDAR. It provides the driver with real-time data on snow depth - not only under the vehicle, but in front of it (up to 50 m) and next to it. The resulting further expanded database enables forward-looking work and optimizes the use of available resources. During planning in the office as well as during preparation in the vehicle - no pile of snow remains unused.

Sustainable and targeted use of resources
One of the biggest cost factors in ski resorts is the production of machine snow. SNOWsat provides detailed information on where unexpected snow deposits are located and where the snow cover is only very thin. It determines when which snow guns need to be activated. In this way, the operating hours of the snow groomers can be optimized and snow can be produced according to demand. This is an enormous financial advantage that pays off the investment in a surprisingly short time. And all this while maintaining or even improving the quality of the slopes!

Bogusław Broda, Technical Manager of Słotwiny Arena in Poland, sums up these advantages convincingly: "We have seen the most savings in diesel consumption and maintenance costs. The system is clear and easy to use. It allows us to precisely identify critical areas where the snow cover needs to be supplemented. We have also optimized the working time of our employees and the machines. Thanks to SNOWsat, we were able to significantly extend the winter season at our ski resort."

In Kotelnica, Poland, SNOWsat has already been in use since the 2016/2017 winter season and has now been installed on 10 machines (including three third-party vehicles) and 14 snowmobiles. Technical Director Piotr Misztal quickly recognized the many advantages: "Particularly in the production of artificial snow, we save enormously with SNOWsat. We can continuously monitor the snow depth in the entire ski area and determine in detail which slopes need to be covered with artificial snow. We manage our snow stocks much more efficiently today. This results in savings on energy and water consumption and savings on fuel." And there are also many positives with regard to his team and the skiers: "The system has made the drivers' work much easier. The constantly updated graphic display of the slope proved to be indispensable when distributing the snow piles and when preparing the slopes at night. Thanks to SNOWsat, our slopes are better prepared, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our guests and a growing number of visitors to our ski resort from year to year."

Now more than ever: secure sales! 
Optimism is the order of the day! Accordingly, when we return to regular ski operations next winter, maximum efficiency and operational reliability will be even more in demand. Professional snow management is the guarantee for perfect slope quality and safe and economical operation from the first to the last day of the season.

SNOWsat Management with SNOWsat means

  • Basis for decision: Identify snow reserves and use them in a targeted manner, selective and targeted snow replenishment
  • to save resources and costs
  • to ensure high slope quality throughout the season (timely detection of low snow accumulation and avoidance of dirt ingress into the slope)
  • sustainable slope construction for a successful season from day one