GIS Data Manager

Manage GIS data

Adjust the edges of the slopes, update the position of snow guns, mark anchor points for snow groomers and enter new ski lifts in your ski resort’s geodata – all that used to require employing a surveying company.

With the “GIS Data Manager”, a new solution for our SNOWsat customers, you can now update this data yourselves.

The geo-information data for a ski resort includes all spatial data that you can see on a map – terrain profile, buildings, slope edges, snow guns, snowmaking zones, etc.

This GIS data forms the basis for construction measures in the ski resort, as well as for the SNOWsat vehicle view, for calculations and statistics by SNOWsat. 

You can use the SNOWsat GIS Data Manager to import and export existing data or to add, adjust and update GIS data in the other SNOWsat components – and, thus, manage your GIS yourself.


Add new points directly

You can also add new geo-data points via the vehicle system; added points can be integrated automatically into your GIS.


Clear & flexible

The software provides for clear presentation and flexible modification of your GIS data.

Your benefits: 

  • plan optimal target snow depth based on the actual measured snow depth
  • adapt slope edges to current eventualities
  • define and adjust snowmaking zones
  • add new points or areas via the vehicle system
  • add new points or areas via the vehicle system
  • create surface models easily, for example
  • snow parks, competition slopes (slopestyle, border/ski-cross, alpine)
  • no separate GIS service provider required to adjust existing data
  • automatic synchronisation and interface functionality for all SNOWsat solutions

The GIS Data Manager represents genuine added value for your ski resort, making you more flexible than before and reducing your costs and, thus, saving cash.


GIS Data Manager in action