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SNOWsat on the fast track

15 August 2016

Snow guarantee, efficiency and all information rolled into one: The real potential in the field of slope and fleet management will prove its worth under difficult conditions. Little snow and last season's warm temperatures therefore inspired many ski resorts to invest in SNOWsat: The result is a rapid market development: 30 new customers, 170 newly installed fleet management and 85 snow depth measurement systems from last season too!. Meanwhile, 60 ski resorts and nearly 350 vehicles have been equipped with SNOWsat - in 11 countries all over the world. And a lot of positive feedback from the ski resorts speaks for itself. We're already busy installing for the coming season. Including in Poland and Slovakia.

For almost 50 years, we have been known as the reliable partner in the field of slope grooming and management. It therefore made sense for us to offer a convincing slope and fleet management system in addition to PistenBully. SNOWsat is technologically advanced, easy to operate and user-friendly. It goes without saying that we listen to users, always keeping an eye on the varied and special needs of the ski resorts, and develop the system further accordingly - for there is no standing still for us: Since last season, it is possible to exchange real-time data between the vehicles incl. snow depth data, winch rope, machine position, lane. For the fleet management system, a new hardware generation is now available, supporting all vehicles in the ski resort incl. snowmobiles etc. This naturally includes the option to record and evaluate the motor as well as selected CAN data of all snow groomers regardless of their manufacturer.

Moreover, new statistical functions are now possible. For instance, the user may generate, evaluate and export optimised inquiries customised to his needs. And it goes without saying that our designers constantly work on improving ease of use even more.

In addition to a high-quality product, you expect corresponding service and support from us, as usual with PistenBully. We are expanding these structures further as well. More than 20 of our people are meanwhile concerned with SNOWsat.

Currently, the numerous installations for the new season are in full swing, e.g. in Gstaad, St. Moritz, the ski resorts of Skistar AB and the latest addition being Soelden, where the entire fleet is now being equipped with SNOWsat.

Reaching Eastern Europe
SNOWsat is also being installed for the coming season in its first ski resorts in Eastern Europe: the TMR Group, one of the largest ski resort operators in the region, has ordered 5 SNOWsat vehicle systems in addition to 5 new PistenBully. The systems will be used from this winter onwards in the TMR resort at Jasna in Slovakia.

Furthermore, Białka Tatrzańska - Kotelnica in Poland, one of the largest and most popular of the country's ski resorts, is now using SNOWsat too. The decision was taken very quickly after an intensive briefing on theory and practice at Zugspitze. 11 vehicles soon had the fleet and snow management system on board, including 9 with snow depth measurement as well.

This is how people there are more relaxed awaiting the next winter too!

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