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Heading into a successful future with SNOWsat

28 January 2021

For more than ten years, SNOWsat has been offering software solutions for mountain cableway operators. In the beginning, it was pioneering work. Nowadays, it is longtime experience combined with digital know-how and an open ear for the requirements of the customers. As a platform for networked operations in ski areas, SNOWsat reduces the increasing complexity of the processes and provides the basis for economical decisions and growth.

Everything on one platform
It started with snow depth measurement and fleet management. We have been working with customers over the years to create more advanced solutions and new applications. Today, SNOWsat unites all divisions of the business on its ever-expanding platform: year-round slope and trail management, fleet management and also maintenance and the integrative management of the ski area. At the same time, the SNOWsat solutions are the link between software and hardware systems of various manufacturers, for example in the area of maintenance. All information and data is centralized and available to all members of the team. This creates transparency and security and results in processes becoming leaner, more stable and more efficient.

Satisfied employees, faster communication
Documentation, to-do lists, shift schedules – everything that had to be processed and stored manually in the past is now mapped on the platform. Work steps can be planned, scheduled and assigned to employees and contractors. Recurring tasks can be automated. This takes some of the burden off the team and allows them to devote more time to tasks that create value. Romain Hazucka, ski area manager in Courchevel, appreciates the benefits of SNOWsat:

"Time-consuming documentation and coordination, which was done using reports and logs in the past, is completely digitalized when you use SNOWsat. As a result, communication is fast, efficient and error-free."

Data-based decision making and cost reduction
The challenge in the digital age is to evaluate increasing amounts of data within shorter and shorter time periods in order to make decisions based on this data. The advantage of SNOWsat is that all data and costs are centrally managed on the platform. This allows for faster evaluation without system discontinuity. Various analytical functions and graphic representations support the user in identifying the factors that are inflating costs and hours.

"With SNOWsat, we can adjust the most minute details in quality that we would never otherwise identify. The precision of the data analysis makes it possible for us to carry out true fine-tuning," says Thomas Liebl, Chief Operational Officer of Fürstlich-Hohenzollernsche Arber Bergbahnen.

Evaluating and comparing various machine and system data opens up options for reducing costs that would never have been detected without SNOWsat. Milan Vodička, responsible for snowmaking in the Czech ČERNÁ HORA – PEC ski area, has made the same observation:

"SNOWsat has allowed us to save a lot of money. Thanks to data evaluation, we have been able to optimize our work and cut costs by a total of 25 percent in the areas of water, energy consumption and machine hours!"

SNOWsat as a strong partner for the future
As of today, 2500 SNOWsat systems are used by 350 customers in more than 20 countries worldwide. And the success story continues: More and more mountain cableway operators are relying on SNOWsat to transform their own business processes successfully. Our longtime experience as a provider of solutions for ski areas and our close collaboration with our customers ensure that the SNOWsat solutions take effect exactly where they are needed. This is also ensured by Kässbohrer's individualized training and consulting concept. An analysis of the actual situation is carried out before the software is even implemented. After that, we work together with the customer to select the appropriate solutions and add them to the standard package. Mountain cableway companies rely on SNOWsat to ensure that their operations are equipped for a successful future.