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SNOWsat Fleet is the manufacturer and brand independent fleet management solution for your fleet. Whether snow groomers, excavators, quads or work vehicles - with SNOWsat you always have an overview of your vehicle fleet and its operations. The comprehensive data basis shows you, among other things, idle times, fuel consumption, speeds and RPMs as well as locations. Clear map and table views simplify the analysis. This allows you to identify optimization and savings potential with little effort. Reduce your costs and administrative effort in the long term!  

Flottenmanagement SNOWsat
With SNOWsat fleet management, we can manage all vehicles with one single system. This means we always have an up-to-date overview of where the vehicles are in use. All important data is available at all times.
Dr. Josef Burger, Walter Astl, Christoph Hasenauer, Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel
increase your 
Fleet productivity

With the help of the SNOWsat Fleet data, you can specifically enhance and improve the use of your entire vehicle fleet.

With just one click, you can see the idle times or fuel consumption of individual vehicles. Compare individual values with each other to identify where costs arise. Using SNOWsat, you can also see on which slopes the snow groomers operate and which routes they use. Based on the data, you can derive measures such as the optimization of work processes, targeted vehicle operation or training programs for employees. In this way, you can increase performance continuously and sustainably - and save a lot of money and time.  

SNOWsat Flottenmanagement

SNOWsat Fleet provides the operator with additional safety and orientation.  

The operator sees all vehicles that are also equipped with SNOWsat Fleet Management on a map in the vehicle display. He thus knows exactly which slope sections his colleagues are working on at that moment. In addition, he can see at a glance which winch ropes are active. Especially in poor visibility conditions, this information makes an important contribution to safety.  

SNOWsat Display mit Fahrzeug-zu-Fahrzeug Kommunikation
slope preparation 
Die PistenBully Flotte bei der Nordischen WM 2021 in Oberstdorf

SNOWsat helps you reducing your operating costs by up to 25 percent!   

By identifying fuel guzzlers and optimizing your routes, you not only save money - but also lower the impact on the environment. SNOWsat Fleet shows you exactly which vehicle is consuming how much fuel and indicates the average speed during the slope preparation. In addition, you can evaluate idle times and avoid unnecessary routes. By analyzing details in your operation, you can save up to 25 percent of your fuel costs and carry out your preparation in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way.  

Data Assistence in the
event of damage

By evaluating the CAN data as well as the location information of your vehicles, you have the data that can assist you in the event of an accident or damage.  

Since the data assists in seeing the exact position data of your crew in real time, you can provide help quickly in an emergency. Also, if an accident or damage occurs, the data can assist in determing whether a snow groomer was driving with the warning signal switched on and within a certain speed range. Thus, this data enables you to better evaluate accident and damage events, including defending against third-party claims.

PistenBully 600 mit gefräster Spur
Training for maximum efficiency 

We support you with training courses on-site and online – Flexible, effective and tailored precisely to you. 

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SNOWsat Fleet is a fleet management solution for all vehicles in the ski area: snow groomers, work vehicles, snowmobiles, excavators, and many more. In this video you can see how SNOWsat Fleet works!  !


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