SNOWsat iX software application 

In order to satisfy increasing requirements, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is now presenting the new SNOWsat iX software application.

"I think it's great that I can set and save everything I need in my user profile. Then I can get into the machine and get right to work." 
Matthias Sommer, operator for the Weisse Arena Group, Laax, Switzerland

In order to satisfy increasing requirements, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is now presenting the new SNOWsat iX software application in the snow groomer. One of the best highlights is the option of creating customized views that you can save and take with you to other machines!

The option to arrange (split) screens at will means the operators can see all the information relevant for their particular application at a glance. Since there is no problem calling up the user profile from other snow groomers, there's no need to switch or reconfigure personal views, and it's easy for the operator to start working.

"I can concentrate much better on the actual work, since the system actively moves along with me and I hardly have to click anymore." In these words, Matthias Sommer expresses how the work of the operators is made so much easier by the intuitive operation of SNOWsat iX. The sophisticated user interface provides optimum support for the work processes, so the operators can concentrate on their main tasks. Thanks to the familiar operating templates, the operators have no difficulty getting started and can quickly use the application to its full potential.

SNOWsat iX offers additional comfort with its Light Mode and Dark Mode. Just a click in the personal preferences sets the user interface to ensure optimum displays in various lighting conditions – no matter whether the sun is shining brightly or the darkness of the evening hours has set in.

SNOWsat iX has the latest hardware and software, so it is ready to use the SNOWsat LiDAR forward-looking snow depth measurement. This innovative and one-of-a-kind technology is already able to measure snow depths up to 50 meters in front of and next to the machine. This means the operator can identify snow reserves and respond to spots with little snow early on.

SNOWsat iX satisfies the most state-of-the-art and securest technology standards, also providing real-time data and seamless data transmission. Thanks to an optimized, powerful algorithm, the snow depth measurement is becoming even more accurate. As a result, SNOWsat iX enables an incomparable user experience – for optimum work results! 

Soon SNOWsat online training will also be available for this. Various application options, use cases, evaluations, etc. will be interactively demonstrated, made easy to understand and rounded off with a quiz in this training.

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