New solutions

Many continue to view SNOWsat as being the same thing as snow depth measurement. However, SNOWsat has always been much more than that 

It enables clear communication between all vehicles in a fleet, planning of the ideal snow volume and slope management at its finest – visually and informatively. With SNOWsat, Kässbohrer is now opening a new chapter in extensive digital solutions for unified control of all processes in a ski resort. 

Only those who have detailed information regarding parallel operations and the current situation of their slopes and vehicles can offer their guests optimum slope quality while benefiting from increases in efficiency and cost savings potentials. We are continually refining and streamlining new and existing SNOWsat applications in order to support you in all facets of your daily work. Here are two examples of the newest SNOWsat solutions. 

SNOWsat Maintain - 360° Maintenance 
Are all of my vehicles and equipment fully operational? What tasks are upcoming? What planned replacement work is still pending? All these questions and more are answered by SNOWsat Maintain – an IT cloud solution that makes maintenance processes in a ski area even more efficient. The intuitively controlled software delivers all important information about vehicles, auxiliary equipment and systems – manufacturer-independent, in real time and viewable from anywhere thanks to having it's own app. This makes SNOWsat Maintain the perfect solution for planning and evaluating all of the tasks that arise in the workshop. It has never been easier to organize and streamline all of your operating procedures 24/7. 

SNOWsat GIS data manager 
Adapting slope margins in your geodata, updating the positions of snow cannons, marking anchor points for slope vehicles, registering new ski lifts – up until now, you needed to hire surveyors to do all of this. Now you can update this information yourself using the SNOWsat GIS Data Manager. A ski resort's geo information and data contain all spatial data such as terrain profile, buildings, slope margins, snow cannons, snow areas, etc. This information is the foundation for all building projects in a ski resort, as well as for SNOWsat's vehicle view and SNOWsat's calculations and statistics. In addition to importing and exporting data, you can also adjust and add to existing information. This information is also updated in all other SNOWsat components simultaneously – thus, you can work and plan using a current database at any time. 

How it works 
See how SNOWsat works in daily use and how you can simplify and optimise all processes in your ski resort with using our digital solutions. On our YouTube channel you will find numerous practical examples, interviews with experts and other exciting videos on the subject of SNOWsat: Click here for the SNOWsat videos!