100% digital

It all started with snow-depth measurement and fleet management. Then more and more efficient and resource-conserving features were added over the years. 

Now Kässbohrer is opening a brand new chapter with the new SNOWsat – and presenting digital solutions for unified control of all the processes in the skiing area. The entire stock of data is networked, so the whole team is supported when out preparing the slopes and also in all other important areas including the workshop, for example. The result: Fast, direct communication, a high level of cost transparency and everyone on the same page at all times. And everything as efficient and sustainable as it can be. 

SNOWsat Maintain
Administrates vehicles and equipment digitally. SNOWsat Maintain is the solution for planning and evaluating all workshop jobs as they come up. It's never been easier to manage everything clearly, efficiently and across all brands, round the clock. 

SNOWsat Analytics 
Stands for maximized cost transparency and planning certainty: Precise information on the current situation in the skiing area, mapped against planning for comparison.

SNOWsat GIS data manager 
Enables the skiing area to manage its GIS data and adjust to the current situation in the region – without the need for a GIS service provider. 

SNOWsat ToDo 
A solution for administration and assignment of tasks as they arise in the skiing area. Tasks can be assigned to specific individuals or vehicles.

SNOWsat fleet management 
Analyzes all parameters of the vehicle fleet in detail, contributing hugely to overall fleet efficiency. Perfect for controlled, sustainable vehicle management. 

SNOWsat Reporting 
Has customizable stats functions with evaluation and export options. Reports are easily emailed out to the appropriate recipients. 

SNOWsat snow-depth measurement 
Measures the snow depth to an accuracy of +/-3 cm underneath the groomer or underneath the pusher blade. Manufacturer-independent and always in real time - in the vehicle or in the office, as and when needed.

SNOWsat snow management 
Enables planning of snow volume on individual slope sections across the season. The as-is situation can be called up easily and compared with the plan. 

SNOWsat for snow park building 
Visualizes snow depth at the pusher blade. Enables precision preparation at low driving speeds. 2D and 3D models of the target design and visualizations in color help the jobs of modeling the snow and maintaining the park in peak condition. 

SNOWsat for the vehicle operator 
Supports vehicle operators in their day-to-day work. Operators share important information on all the other vehicles in the formation in real time – for example tasks in progress, positions, prepared tracks and winch ropes.

We've taken all the different requirements and functions and the growing complexity of the data and today, we have created a new SNOWsat. It's a program that opens up totally new possibilities for everyone involved, from the operations director through the managers responsible for snow production and slope preparation to the vehicle operators. Solutions for digital skiing worlds in the truest sense.
Stefan Lux, SNOWsat director