Promising future!

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is entering an important cooperation with companies from Switzerland with a focus on the future. The objective of the agreement is, as a provider in cooperation with leading companies in their business segments, to support the ski resorts in the digitalization process. The co-operation partners develop a product that, in simple terms, manages the information and data flow at the ski resorts and thereby delivers a true competitive advantage. Objective of the cooperation
The cooperation is a milestone in the digitalization of Ski Resort Management. The digitalization of ski resorts is progressing more and more rapidly. Each individual ski resort has digital information from various information sources, such as ticket data, guest data, skiers, lift data, weather data, energy data, snowfall information, GIS data, safety technology, hospitality data, snow depth measurements, vehicle data from the slope and fleet management and many more. At present, there is no central management option for this data. The objective of the co-operation partners is to develop a product, SNOWsat Analytics, that links, processes and combines the various types of information from different data sources within a ski resort. The subsequently developed information and applications then represent the basis for future decisions and actions in the management of a ski resort. Metaphorically speaking, the decisions are generated in a "Cockpit Resort Management".
The continuing use of this processed data is an enormous competitive advantage for the ski resorts! This can exceptionally increase the efficiency at the ski resort. The use of resources, such as energy, snow, lift capacities or marketing campaigns of the ski resorts, is customized and optimized. In the end, the benefit to the guests is the deciding factor: The guests of the ski resorts will experience snow sports with a higher level of comfort, more individualized and with more excitement. The co-operation partners
The cooperation was entered with three companies from Switzerland: Geocloud AG / Schlieren, Weisse Arena Bergbahnen AG / Laax, Grünenfelder und Partner AG, Domat / Ems. Geocloud AG is a leading GIS company (Geographic Information System). The primary business segments are ICT (Information and Communications Technology) basic services and Geo services. Geocloud AG contributes development services and hosting to the project. Weisse Arena Bergbahnen AG, an innovative ski resort with an excellent infrastructure, formulates the digitalization requirements from the customer and guest perspectives. Grünenfelder und Partner AG consists of engineers, surveyors and planners that contribute a wealth of experience in the areas of surveying and GIS to the project. With SNOWsat, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has its own product line for slope and fleet management including snow depth measuring for slope vehicles. The company contributes its knowledge from this area to the cooperation. Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG also ensures that the requirements of the customers are taken into account for the development. Kässbohrer will sell all products and services that arise from this cooperation. It is obvious that this will occur through the existing worldwide Sales and Service organization. Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is thereby the first provider worldwide to offer such a product to the ski resorts for the management of their ski resorts.