SNOWsat ToDo

Tasks that become apparent to the ski patrol or the slope manager during the day are noted, scheduled and entered as a job directly using SNOWsat ToDo, with or without naming a specific driver or machine. Nothing is forgotten, everything is completed promptly. And everyone in the team knows about it. There is always something to do
Last night's storm has knocked down some fences. The crest of the slope below the summit is very icy. And while travelling on the chairlift, the slope manager just noticed a skier bypassing a sign at the edge of the slope. No problem - he pulls out his smartphone and adds this task - just like all the other little jobs that need to be resolved in the course of the day. If applicable, he also notes who and when at the same time. And marks the location - e.g. of the protective mat at snow gun no. 76 that has slipped out of place. A ski instructor just told him about that. His ski patrol colleagues and the snow manager do exactly the same. They are all out and about in the resort throughout the day and are always coming across something that needs to be repaired, moved or built. Nothing forgotten!
The tasks transfer automatically from the server to the vehicle the next time the PistenBully is started or the next time it enters the WiFi zone. Drivers can now complete tasks promptly. No more scraps of paper, no "there was something else...": all tasks are visible in every vehicle - including current status. This is especially helpful for two-shift operations. There is no need for a time-consuming handover. The second driver immediately knows the tasks that have been assigned to his PistenBully, and whether they have been completed already or are still outstanding. And as soon as the icy patch below the summit has been recovered with fresh snow, he ticks it off. His boss sees in the office that this danger has been averted. And the snow machine operator reports immediately with his smartphone, once he has repositioned the mat at the snow gun. All-round communication
SNOWsat "ToDo" is a simple tool with a big impact for everyone. Everyone knows. Everyone is on the same page. Every driver knows the specific tasks that relate to him thanks to personalised login. Or a specific vehicle - the park machine needs to move a few elements in the park, for example - regardless of which driver is at the wheel that day. Standard tasks are added in typical weather conditions: of course everyone knows what needs to be done after heavy snowfall - but now the jobs are displayed for everyone and nothing is left out - especially when things are chaotic. SNOWsat ToDo simplifies and improves communication in the ski resort. Better understanding leads to better planning, which plays a major role in creating greater efficiency and perfect slopes.