2 Partner - 1 Mission

Even the best snow groomer needs enough snow to work with. Ski resorts invest a great deal in snowmaking technology and are always interested in finding the most efficient way to get the best value out of their snow. Intelligent control software allows them to make optimal use of ideal snow making conditions and allows them to react to modifications in the best way possible. ATASSplus from TechnoAlpin is one example of this kind of forwardlooking technology. SNOWsat provides the necessary snowdepth data for this through its standardized interface. Snowmaking that conserves resources
ATASSplus collects the data from snowmakers and weather stations throughout the entire area. SNOWsat contributes information on current snow depths. This allows the user to make plans based on real snow depths instead of theoretically assumed amounts of snow. These real figures take into account melting, wind and natural snow deposits as well. Snowmaking then proceeds with excellent awareness of the prevailing conditions. Realtime statistics allow for continuous monitoring of water and energy consumption and prevent the available power consumption from being exceeded. Everything under control
In addition, the slope manager and the snowmakers have the opportunity to analyze data and react to specific condition with very short notice. Thanks to the SNOWsatZ snow management module and the SnowManager fromATASSplus. The slope manager can define areas to be covered with snow and assign target snow volumes to each one individually for the beginning, middle and end of the season. SNOWsat Z lets the slope manager know whether the current snow level is too high, too low or exactly in the target range. This information lets the snowmaker assign target amounts for each snow machine in ATASSplus and define limits. Once the limit has been reached, the snow team is informed and snowmaking stops automatically. At the same time, the slope manager receives information via SNOWsat Web about snow depth trends over the last 10 days. All of this prevents excess snow production. Only the true required quantityis actually produced. SNOWsat performs outstandingly well when distributing snow, too, as the snow depth measuring feature helps the driver achieve an even covering of snow. Operating costs are optimized and the entire slope length is given an even coating of high-quality snow, saving resources and conserving the environment. The TechnoAlpin software is continuously updated and optimized - just like that of SNOWsat. "Snow depth measurement is not just a tool for snow groomer operators and slope managers. It is also a planning and decision-making tool for anyone in charge of snowmaking at a ski resort."
Oswald Böhm, SNOWsat