Maximum Efficiency

Mit dem Flottenmanagement von SNOWsat behalten Sie die gesamte Flotte im Blick.

Perfect Overview

See the information for all vehicles (snow groomers, snowmobiles etc.) - regardless of manufacturer.

Data exchange in real time

All relevant vehicle data is available in real time an displayed clearly.

Make decisions based on the situations

Optimise your snow grooming based on real-time data and save on working and operating hours!

Fleet management

Fleet management for all vehicles

Fleet management with SNOWsat is available for all vehicles in the ski resort. [ more ]

Fleet data SNOWsat Fleet

Displays detailed vehicle data and groomed slopes in graphs and tables. Facilitates efficient deployment of vehicle fleet, as well as driver and cost centre management incl. export function. [ more ]

Vehicle data SNOWsat CAN

Detailed display and evaluation of the recorded vehicle data on a chronological axis to identify sequences. Also allows individual views (e.g. engine data v. speed). [ more ]

Snow management

Snow depth in real time

Snow depth data in real time visible in each vehicle and promptly in the office too.

SNOWsat Z as a web application

Slope managers and snow makers can now access snow depth data from anywhere. The snow depth view can now be displayed on all mobile end devices such as smartphone sand tablets and on all operating systems (Android and...

Use Snow deposits

SNOWsat shows snow deposits that you can use in areas with little snow. [ more ]

Needs-based snow-making

The data interface to the ATASS+ snow-making software facilitates needs-based and energy-efficient snow-making. [ more ]

Snow volume Planning

Target/volume/snow depths can be defined for several areas. Option of graphic display of comparison between actual and target ski resort. You can also display the difference between two days. [ more ]

For drivers

At a glance SNOWsat Display

The new 10-inch SNOWsat touchscreen in the vehicle not only displays a map showing all snow depths, but also routes, snow guns, anchor points etc. [ more ]

Highly available snow depth measurement

Snow depth is measured with an accuracy of +- 3 centimetres, enabling you to move snow on a needs-oriented basis. [ more ]

Snow depth visualisation on the blade

The driver can see the snow depth at three points on the blade. The most important movements are also shown in the blade visualisation, supported by the snow depth details. [ more ]

Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication

Increase working safety by displaying the winch rope, position, route and snow depth of other vehicles. [ more ]

SNOWsat for parks


SNOWsat offers enormous advantages thanks to 3-point blade measurement on the All-Way-Blade. The system captures the lifting/lowering, tilting and tipping of the blade as just three degrees of freedom. [ more ]

Working with target profile

The target profile of the course or individual modules is uploaded. The target profile is modelled accordingly thanks to colour display. You can also calculate and shift the required snow volume in advance. [ more ]

2D Models: Planned on the PC - Built with snowsat

The park planned with CAD can be transferred to SNOWsat as a 2D model. This enables your driver to see the location of the elements/kickers and to ensure their alignment using auxiliary lines. [ more ]

Breath-taking Parks

Build impressive funparks that are reproducible at any time! This is now simpler and more efficient thanks to SNOWsat.

SNOWsat ToDo

Grooming plans

Slope- or fleet managers can assign a task or a slope section directly to a specific driver or a specific vehicle. [ more ]

Task Management

Tasks that occur daily in the ski resort are noted, scheduled and processed as a job. The next time the PistenBully is started, they appear automatically in the SNOWsat V2/V3 vehicle system. [ more ]


Individual statistics

There are new statistical functions for snow and fleet management that can be selected individually. Including evaluation and export options.

Automatic reports via email

Reports may now be sent automatically via email to selected recipients in the ski resort. Daily, weekly or monthly.
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