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Installation from A-Z


Customer service engineer Tobias Kirsamer: “Well prepared is half the battle!”


SNOWsat for the entire fleet


The licence for radio communication had been granted and a frequency assigned – but the signal noise prevailed. The radio authority came and could rapidly solve all problems.

Hand in Hand. Completely equipping a whole ski resort with SNOWsat requires comprehensive preparation and a considerable amount of knowledge. We accompanied our customer service engineer, Tobias Kirsamer, during the installation in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Being involved from the very beginning
Tobias Kirsamer works in technical customer service and is responsible for, among others, Eastern European countries. He established initial contacts as early as June because he was brought on board during the sales negotiations to provide professional support to the decision makers - in Kotelnica - Białka Tatrzańska, Poland and Jasna, Slovakia - and to remove possible concerns. At that time, he already clarified details such as individual requirements as well as data and infrastructure that the ski resorts needed to provide on their own. Together with plant and workshop managers, IT specialists and the external surveyor, he inspected the ski resort and the possible locations for the base station and the repeater, to guarantee optimum reception. In the summer of 2016, both ski resorts decided to completely equip their fleets with SNOWsat. In Jasna, they ordered three new PistenBully 600 SCR including SNOWsat, which were delivered in the fall. In Kotelnica, one new vehicle and eight existing ones, from which two were third-party vehicles, had to be equipped with SNOWsat on-site.

Good preparation is everything!
After the initial planning and communication takes place, a lot of emails and phone calls follow. Tobias discusses the circumstances with his local contacts. A terrain model has to be contracted out and the server of the ski resort's IT department has to be prepared. Tobias identifies the best location for the base station and the repeater using a simulation program. A location with a good view is, based on experience, also the perfect location for the station, but control is everything!
At the same time, the ski resorts apply for a license at the frequency authority. A good thing because later on Tobias will have to deal with a serious frequency disturbance...

Let's go! Installation!
"The most important part of such a project is careful preparation," says Tobias Kirsamer. "The ski resorts in Poland and the Czech Republic are more than 1,000 km away. Therefore, it is not only inconvenient, but also extremely expensive when something goes wrong or is missing." That being said, Tobias is well prepared. Some of the necessary components and his tools travel with him in his car. The rest is delivered by truck at the same time. On site, he works together with the technicians of the respective PistenBully representation. "This makes communication easier because Polish and Czech languages are over my head!" Together with the ski resort's staff, they start installing the base station and the repeater. "Here, you have to be able to improvise. Try soldering an antenna cable at minus 10 degrees! In Jasna, we prepared the cables and the base station box inside and installed it later on outside on the weather station's mast." However, there is always something: In this particular installation, the requested frequency showed disturbances, which can cause difficulties in measuring the snow depth.

Clarification with the frequency authority is done by the ski resort and fortunately, they quickly receive an interference-free frequency. Back in Laupheim, Tobias remotely installs the programs on the server - as soon as the terrain model is available - clarifies last details and prepares everything for the next visit.

Finally! All set for the winter!
Now everything should work. The ski-resort-specific software is automatically installed in the client's vehicle systems. Tobias puts each one in operation and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Now, his night shift starts and he takes extra time for that. He spends two nights riding along with everyone in Kotelnica, switches from vehicle to vehicle and explains the system, operation and the many application possibilities to each driver on the screen. "That is always a very intense time. The drivers learn the most here. And so do I!" Because driving the vehicles is the easiest way to find out if everything is running smoothly. Tobias tests small adjustments right in the vehicle and imports them into the system the following morning. "In the beginning, it can happen that the accuracy varies by a few centimetres. But that is quickly corrected and afterwards I can be sure that it is right." However, in Kotelnica that was not necessary. "It was a showcase installation and everything ran like clockwork," says Jose Marek, our representative in Poland for more than 30 years.

Intensive training so everybody knows what to do
The following day, Tobias is back behind his computer again and installs the SNOWsat programs on the customer's workstations. From now on, every employee can work with SNOWsat on their PC. However, before that, Tobias will have to run an in-depth training for everyone involved. Everybody who is interested and especially those who have to work with it on a daily basis participate and learn everything about SNOWsat Web (CAN and Fleet) and SNOWsat Z.

Then they are ready to start. Tobias and his colleagues are always available for questions. However, the better the training, the fewer the questions...