Vehicle Systems

What's inside

SNOWsat offers you various modules and packages. We currently have three different vehicle systems: V1 Fleet Management Basic, V2 Fleet Management Premium and V3 Fleet and Snow Depth Management. See below for a more detailed explanation of the various functions and applications. 

SNOWsat V1 Fleet Management Basic

This vehicle system delivers simple and clear fleet management. Vehicle data is recorded and then sent to a central server for evaluation. The corresponding hardware is supplied with the vehicle system. You will also need the SNOWSat Fleet software (optional SNOWsat CAN).

SNOWsat V2 Fleet Management Premium

Fleet Management Premium gives the driver selected information in real time in addition to the functions that come with V1. This includes maps of the ski resort, anchor points, winch ropes, slope barriers, as well as already groomed areas. The information is displayed on a touch screen that is connected to an on-board computer. This means the real-time data can also be accessed easily during travel. This vehicle system also works with the SNOWsat Fleet software and can be supplemented with the optional SNOWsat CAN program. 

SNOWsat V3 Fleet and Snow Depth Management

The functionality of SNOWsat Fleet and Snow Depth Management is comparable to Fleet Management Premium. This system also includes highly accurate snow depth measurement. This data is displayed for the driver in real time and transmitted to the server. It not only allows for an overview of snow depths across the whole ski resort, but also provides the basis for optimising snow gun usage and snow-making measures.

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