Fleet Management

SNOWsat Fleet is a web-based fleet management solution for your snow groomers. The software brings together vehicle data, position data and geodata and displays this graphically. SNOWSat Fleet makes it easier to create user-specific analyses and statistics. Check the condition of the ski resort at a glance and see, e.g. which areas have been worked on within a specific period. This enables you to optimise use of your snow groomers and reduce both labour time and costs. 

SNOWSat Fleet provides maps and table views for a detailed analysis of your snow grooming. Choose between different vehicle parameters and analyse use of your fleet down to the smallest detail. You can also export data simply in different formats to share this with others and subject it to further analysis.

Fleet Basis

In the simplest case, the ski resort is only interested in a simple fleet management system, which operators can use to record and evaluate various pieces of information for all the resort's vehicles. A “black box” records the vehicle data and transmits it wirelessly (via WiFi) to a server in the ski resort. 

Regardless of vehicle type, this data can be generated either directly via the CAN interface in the vehicle, using analogue or digital signals or using a combination of the two. The following vehicle data would be of particular interest, for example: position, direction of travel, speed, use of winch/tiller, engine speed and consumption, or even the status of lights and signal tones.

By evaluating this with the SNOWsat software, operators can identify potential savings and optimisations. Implementation leads to dramatic reductions in fuel consumption and, thus, pollutant emissions, in wear and tear and in maintenance. Moreover, the data also provides security in the event of claims. This analysis of vehicle data makes effective cost control possible in the first place.

Required vehicle system: SNOWsat V1 and higher

Fleet Premium

Here the system is expanded with a type of navigation system for the corresponding ski area, which comprises an on-board computer and a touchscreen in the driver's cab. This additional touchscreen provides the driver with all information at a glance.

As well as the map of the ski resort, the system also displays information such as current route, slope edges, anchor points, snow-making equipment, lifts, roads and paths, buildings and danger points (cliffs, scarps etc.). 

This means the real-time data can also be accessed easily during travel. This helps drivers to find their way around the resort even in poor visibility and, thus, facilitates more efficient workflows. 

There are almost no limits in terms of map size: SNOWsat covers more than 200 hectares of slopes in one map, regardless of the size of the area to be displayed. Thus, drivers do not have to switch back and forth between different map sections, but rather have a full overview of the entire area. 

Required vehicle system: SNOWsat V2 (and higher)

For all vehicles

Ski resorts don’t just have snow groomers. SNOWsat fleet management supports all conceivable vehicles in the ski resort.

CAN interfaces digital and analogue inputs

Record a wide variety of relevant vehicle data!

Identify drivers using data

Keep track of your fleet!

Detailed cost centre management

Where are which costs being incurred?


SNOWsat Fleet in action