SNOWsat Analytics

Everything on one map

Pre-planning for grooming based on the current situation and on data from previous seasons, fast and detailed cost overview for your grooming – SNOWsat Analytics gives you an overview as the basis for the right decisions. 

SNOWsat Analytics collates the data already available in the ski resort from fleet management, snow depth and snowmaking, evaluates this data and presents it in a clear format. So you get an exact cost breakdown, for example, from the amount of snow production, the operating hours for the snow groomers and their fuel consumption for each slope down to the individual snow zones.

How much is this section of slope costing me this season compared to the previous season of last year? How should I be planning my resources – under the current conditions? What snow volume is available at which place and what do I need to do to achieve my target snow depth?

SNOWsat Analytics has the answers to these questions. Thanks to the interface to the SNOWsat GIS Data Manager, SNOWsat Analytics also works with the latest data direct from your ski resort – which means all statistics and results are always fully up-to-date.