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SNOWsat for your pocket

30 October 2020

In the SNOWsat app, you can make notes about tasks or peculiarities directly while on the go. The app synchronizes the entered data with the system in real time. The data can then be called up, further processed and evaluated in the office or in the workshop. Whiteboards full of smudges and pockets full of paper slips with notes – with the SNOWsat App, these are things of the past! With the aid of the SNOWsat app, the entire team has access to the information. Thus data can be shared independently of the location and supplemented with images, comments and tasks, for instance. Consequently, everyone has permanent access to the information required.

Processing checklists

Checking user-defined equipment at the beginning and end of the shift to assess their status directly in the system

Display of the equipment status

Higher availability of vehicles and equipment through real-time display of the equipment status

Assessing operating fluids

Documenting fuel, DEF/AdBlue and oil use directly so that they can be evaluated in the office together with the operating hours data

Task management

Creating and editing tasks and marking them as done while on the go