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Enormous savings

25 September 2019

SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC is one of the most popular winter sports destinations in the Czech Republic. The Pec and Snezkou resorts have been relying fully on SNOWsat for a year now and are perfectly satisfied with the outcomes. In the coming winter season, the digital solutions are to be used in three more ski resorts. We talked to Milan Vodička, snowmaking coordinator of SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC.

How would you describe the experiences you’ve had with SNOWsat? Which processes have changed or improved by using SNOWsat?

VM: Thanks to SNOWsat, we were able to offer our guests great skiing until the end of season. SNOWsat task management is a great support for our team. All tasks are stored in the system and assigned to specific locations. This means that every team member knows what must be done in which area of the resort. Thanks to GPS, we can position the tasks with high precision. This is very important, e.g. when it comes to positioning snow guns.

What feedback has SNOWsat received from drivers and employees in your ski resort?

VM: The drivers see SNOWsat as a great support for their daily work. They use the data received from SNOWsat to move the snow to potential melt areas. Thanks to SNOWsat we were able to prevent any bare spots on the ski slope and we were able to offer our customers neatly prepared ski slopes.

What is your conclusion about SNOWsat from an economic point of view?

VM: SNOWsat states total 15% savings. We have certainly exceeded this number. Thanks to SNOWsat we stopped snow making earlier and worked better with produced snow, which was groomed evenly on the ski slope. Our total savings, which include water, energy and operation hours reached 25%. That is incredible!

What do you appreciate about working with TopKarMoto and Kässbohrer?

VM: We highly appreciate the swiftness and the quality of the service. In case the system is malfunctioning we can rely on immediate online help. All our comments on software changes are registered and updated in following year.