Maximum Efficancy

[Translate to EN:] Mit dem Flottenmanagement von SNOWsat behalten Sie die gesamte Flotte im Blick.

Perfect Overview

See all vehicles (snow groomers, Skidoos, etc.) at a glance - regardless of manufacturer.

Data exchange in real time

All important data is exchanged in real time between the vehicles (snow depth, winch cable, positions and track).

For drivers

At a glance SNOWsat Display

The new PistenBully 100 and 600 generation offers the ability to recognize details with greater ease on the new 10" monitor. Its new position no longer requires looking at the side, and work becomes more ergonomic.

Greater availabilty of snow depth measurement

Thanks to parallel use of XFill, radio (UHF) and mobile radio, the availability of snow depth measurement has been improved. Crucial for large and topologically complex ski resorts.

Visualisation of the snow depth at the blade

The driver can see the snow depth at three spots of the blade. This feature simplifies work, especially when building parks! The most important movements are displayed in the blade visualization and are supported by...

Snow management

Snow depth in real time

Receive snow depth data in real time in the vehicle. Increase work safety through extensive vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

SNOWsat Z as a webbrowser application

Slope managers and snow makers can now access snow depth data from anywhere. The snow depth view can now be displayed on all mobile end devices such as smartphone sand tablets and on all operating systems (Android and...

Fleet management

Fleet data SNOWsat Fleet

Vehicle data SNOWsat CAN

SNOWsat ToDo

Task Management

Tasks to be done are immediately noted, scheduled and turned into an order for the appropriate driver and machine. These orders are automatically copied into the SNOWsat V2/V3 vehicle system the next time the PistenBully...


Individual statistics

There are new statistical functions for snow and fleet management that can be selected individually. Including evaluation and export options.

Automatic reports via email

Reports may now be sent automatically via email to selected recipients in the ski resort. Daily, weekly or monthly.

SNOWsat for parks

Visualization of the snowdepth at the blade

With the 3-point blademeasurement with 12 possible movements of the blade, SNOWsat offers enormous advantages. The system detects the only three degrees of freedom with raising / lowering, tilting and tilting the blade.

Working with target profile

The target profile of the course or individual modules is stored. Thanks to the colored representation, the slope can be modeled according to the nominal profile. In addition, the required snow volume can be determined...

Breathtaking Parks

Build impressive funparks that are reproducible at any time! Thanks to SNOWsat, parks can be realized even more easily and efficiently.
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