“We have been able to keep the valley downhill open for much longer. This means a six-figure income boost for us. We have invested our money really well here!”

SNOWsat upgrade for Imbergbahn in Steibis, Allgäu

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG brings together economic, ecological and social factors within its corporate strategy, BLUEIQ. For our customers this means more benefits and greater profitability, for us all, a better environment.
Once again taking the lead: at the end of 2012, Thomas Lingg, Managing Director Imbergbahn became the second customer in the world to add an eco-friendly PistenBully E+ to his fleet. In doing so, he underlined the significance of sustainability and especially the necessary protection of valuable natural resources. The snow and fleet management system, SNOWsat has also been used for several years now in Steibis. Imbergbahn in Steibis has now upgraded its SNOWsat system to the latest generation V3. The decision has already been made to upgrade SNOWsat for the Hündlebahn next season. We talked to him about the upgrade, his expectations and the advantages for the ski resort.

PistenBully-News Team: Mr Lingg, you were one of the first in Germany to buy SNOWsat. What were the key arguments that persuaded you to buy the snow depth measurement system from Kässbohrer in the first place?
Thomas Lingg: "As a ski resort at a medium altitude, we of course have to deal with mild temperatures, as this winter has clearly demonstrated once again. Efficient snow management is becoming increasingly important and equals real money. We also tested a competing product back when the original decision was made. The key argument for SNOWsat was the reliability of the display on the one hand and, on the other, that we were getting a product from Kässbohrer and there wouldn't be any problems with interfaces as a result."

PistenBully-News Team: What made you decide to upgrade the system to the latest generation of SNOWsat?
Thomas Lingg: "Looking back at last winter with SNOWsat showed us that we had to produce a lot less snow. We move snow to the slopes from outside practically down to the topsoil and can also be confident that we're not causing any ground damage. The system has been refined now: great features in the new generation of SNOWsat include the second high-resolution display, simultaneous display of machine data and snow/overview map, as well as the fleet and cost centre management."

PistenBully-News: Do you have exact figures for the savings you have made with SNOWsat?
Thomas Lingg:
"We have been able to keep the valley downhill open for much longer. This means a six-figure income boost for us. We have also modified terrain using the information from SNOWsat - drastically reducing the time needed for grooming as a result. The system has already paid for itself this year. We have invested our money really well here!"

PistenBully-News Team: Does this mean your expectations have been met?
Thomas Lingg:
"It now corresponds 100 % to our original expectations and completely fulfils all our requirements."

PistenBully-News Team: Do your customers appreciate the improvement in snow quality coupled with resource conservation?
Thomas Lingg:
"Customers now always have a full snow covering. Brown patches are a thing of the past. And they certainly appreciated the valley downhill being open longer."

PistenBully-News Team: Do your drivers accept the system? How are they managing with it?
Thomas Lingg:
"That was the big challenge. But SNOWsat has convinced them very quickly. Even the most critical driver wouldn't want to be without it now. And those who haven't got it yet can hardly wait. The handling is also really driver-friendly though."

PistenBully-News Team: Four of five machines have already just been fitted with SNOWsat V3. The fifth will follow in the summer. Did everything go smoothly with the installation?
Thomas Lingg:
"The installation and the entire coordination went wonderfully. Everything was really simple."

PistenBully-News Team: How satisfied are you with the support you got from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG?
Thomas Lingg:
"The cooperation was brilliant. It was an excellent experience. In short: the chemistry - a factor that shouldn't be underestimated - was just right."

PistenBully-News Team: Mr Lingg, thank you so much for talking to us!