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It all started with snow-depth measurement and fleet management. Then more and more practical features were added over the years. For example SNOWsat ToDo, the tool for quick and easy assignment and administration of tasks as they arise.

A brand new chapter

Now we are opening a brand new chapter with the new SNOWsat – and presenting unique solutions for unified, digital control of all the processes in the ski area.The entire data is networked, so the team is supported when out preparing the slopes and also in all other important areas including the workshop, for example. The results: Fast, direct communication, a high level of cost transparency and all team members on the same page at all times. And everything as efficient and sustainable as it can be.

The following data were collected as part of a survey conducted by Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG in 2018. Various customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the USA, Norway, Poland, Finland and Spain took part in the voluntary survey.


... of the respondents reported savings in operating hours for machines and snow guns using SNOWsat. SNOWsat leads to more efficient driving and more economical use of the machines.


... of the respondents reported cost savings for snow grooming and production using SNOWsat.


... of the respondents would recommend SNOWsat to others!


Opening of new logistics center

21 October 2019
Only ten months after the ground-breaking ceremony, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG completed the new logistics center on the Laupheim company grounds in... [ more ]

Enormous savings

25 September 2019
The Pec and Snezkou resorts have been relying fully on SNOWsat for a year now and are perfectly satisfied with the outcomes. [ more ]


24 September 2019
SNOWsat for snowmakers - this was the topic of the presentation at the Snowmaking Conference at Lake Mountain Ski Resort (Australia). [ more ]

New solutions

25 July 2019
Digital. Practical. Efficient. The new SNOWsat! [ more ]

For parks

27 May 2019
With SNOWsat World Cup courses can be built precisely and according to digital templates. [ more ]

Review Interalpin

15 May 2019
An exciting fair is over! [ more ]

100% digital

8 May 2019
SNOWsat offers complete solutions for digital skiing worlds! [ more ]


8 May 2019
Know what lies ahead. [ more ]

Interalpin 2019

24 April 2019
100% DIGITAL - 100% SNOWSAT: solutions for digital ski worlds [ more ]

SNOWsat in Russia

22 March 2019
A good start for SNOWsat in Russia: At the ski resort Rosa Khutor, the system was installed in two PistenBully 600 and successfully commissioned. [ more ]

SNOWsat Customer Day

21 February 2019
Thrilling insights at the SNOWsat Customer Day in Willingen [ more ]

SNOWsat goes East

19 February 2019
Snowsystems and Kässbohrer are pleased to announce that the first SNOWsat system is currently running in Japan. [ more ]

Perfect Overview

6 February 2019
SNOWsat ToDo goes to the next level: slope- and fleet managers can use the latest version to define tasks for entire slopes or just sections. [ more ]

Alpitec China

16 January 2019
The Alpitech in Peking has been opened today! Come and meet us there! [ more ]


20 December 2018
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with thanks for your faithful cooperation. [ more ]

No obstacle too big

28 November 2018
SNOWsat makes your park construction easier! [ more ]


With the new SNOWsat we're presenting unique solutions for unified, digital control of all the processes in the ski area.

You think you know SNOWsat? Get ready to discover it all over again.

SNOWsat fleet management analyzes all parameters of the vehicle fleet in detail, contributing hugely to overall fleet efficiency. Perfect for controlled, sustainable vehicle management.

SNOWsat snow management enables planning of snow volume on individual slope sections across the season. The current situation can be called up easily and compared with the plan.

SNOWsat for building parks visualizes snow depth at the blade. Enables precision preparation at very low driving speeds. Visualizations in color help the job of modeling the snow.

SNOWsat for the vehicle operator supports vehicle operators in their day-to-day work. Operators share important information on all the vehicles in the fleet in real time – for example positions, prepared tracks and winch ropes.

SNOWsat snow-depth measurement measures snow depth to an accuracy of +/- 3 cm visible in real time. Enables efficient management of snow reserves and improved distribution across the ski trails.

SNOWsat reporting has customizable stats functions with evaluation and export options. Reports are easily emailed out to the appropriate recipients.

SNOWsat ToDo is a solution for administration and assignment of tasks as they arise in the ski area. Tasks can be assigned to specific individuals or vehicles. 

SNOWsat Analytics stands for maximized cost transparency and planning certainty: Precise information on the current situation in the ski area, mapped against planning for comparison.

SNOWsat Maintain administrates vehicles and equipment digitally. It’s never been easier to manage everything clearly, efficiently and across all brands, round the clock. 

SNOWsat Digital Store offers a standardized interface for linking the PistenBully spare parts book and its shop function to the ERP systems of our clients.

SNOWsat GIS Data Manager enables the ski area to manage its GIS data and adjust to the current situation in the region – without the need for a GIS service provider.

How it works!


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