SNOWsat Maintain

360° Maintenance

Easy. Practical. Efficient.

Is the whole fleet and all my equipment fully operational? What tasks are upcoming? SNOWsat Maintain answers all your questions about maintenance – digitally. At the same time, you organize and streamline your operating procedures. Our practical, intuitive, cloud-based solution tells you everything you need to know. Clearly. In real time. By app.

So you have a clear view of everything all the time – from administration through to maintenance of your vehicles and your equipment.

This is another innovation that grew out of close cooperation with our clients. In the final analysis, they always know best what’s important on and off the slopes.


The dashboard displays all relevant information relating to maintenance of your equipment clearly and in real time. At a glance you can see the operating status of individual equipment, the tasks for the day and their status. The app also shows you the latest manufacturer information for your PistenBully on a vehicle-specific basis.

The clear display of all available information in one tool simplifies communication in the team. All employees quickly and easily have access to the same information. At shift handover and during breaks you have more time to chat to your colleagues over a coffee – rather than filling out tedious paperwork.

SNOWsat Maintain delivers a transparent information base, enabling you to manage your equipment purposefully and handle problems quickly.

Combined with other SNOWsat products, you are guaranteeing your guests the perfect skiing experience.


Filing cabinets filled with thick folders and laborious information searches are now a thing of the past. Equipment Management from SNOWsat Maintain creates a digital record of all relevant details on vehicles, attachments and systems in one place. So you can find the information you’re looking for whenever you need it – quickly and easily.

Equipment Management from SNOWsat Maintain shows you the most important data on your vehicle fleet and on attachments and systems at a glance. Clear and regardless of manufacturer.

User-friendliness and practical application are the key selling points of SNOWsat Maintain: The traffic light function shows which equipment is available and its current operating status. You can assign attachments to specific vehicles at the click of a mouse. The system can automatically record operating hours for individual vehicles. Thanks to the variety of functions and ease of use, Equipment Management provides the basis for successful, digital maintenance management.

All information directly to hand

Declare war on paper chaos! Certain things pile up in the office and the workshop over the course of the year. Whether operating instructions for vehicles and attachments, workshop or spare part information – numerous documents have to be assigned, filed and managed correctly.

SNOWsat Maintain gives you an overview: vehicle-specific documents for your PistenBully are automatically recorded for the respective equipment. The system notifies you if there is new information or updates. You can also upload your own documents and assign these to equipment. Your digital files are always available with SNOWsat Maintain and you can access your documents in seconds.

The digital service record

The digital service record seamlessly documents all processes in the entire history of the equipment. In just a few clicks you can access individual detailed information, such as work completed, operating hours and used spare parts. This allows you to trace exactly where specific costs have been incurred and what these consist of.

Never miss a service date again! The digital service record displays all upcoming services for your equipment and sub-equipment. This overview of all services increases your planning security and guarantees vehicle availability.

Maintenance plans

You can always access the latest maintenance plans for your PistenBully in SNOWsat Maintain. These plans can be modified individually as needed. The required spare parts are stored for each individual maintenance step. You can also create your own maintenance plans for other equipment.

The maintenance checklists are generated automatically on the basis of stored maintenance plans in accordance with the maintenance interval and your selection.

Equipment data

Equipment-specific Documentation

Service record

Task Management

How do you record services and repairs at the moment? How do you manage tasks that arise? How do you document your maintenance costs? SNOWsat Maintain digitalises your operations and simplifies communication in the team.

Task Management records completed and outstanding tasks, as well as the repair and service status of your vehicles. Use the software to create tasks and assign them to specific drivers, technicians or other users. Vehicles or systems can also be assigned a ToDo. In addition to internal allocation of tasks, you can also send job requests directly to your dealer or contact at Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG thanks to integration with the Kässbohrer system.

Overview for all team members

SNOWsat Maintain helps you to create ToDos or checklists (e.g. for summer inspections and repairs). You can plan, coordinate and track outstanding tasks via the user-friendly interface of the tool. A customer-specific authorisation concept ensures that all members of the team can only see the information relevant to them.

Use the four-eye principle

Doubled is better: Store approval processes in SNOWsat Maintain to keep the quality of your work consistently high. A workshop foreman, for example, can create a task and stipulate that this requires his final approval. Once the task is complete, the employee in question confirms it. The workshop foreman receives a message and can then check the performed work and approve the task in the system.

Everything from one source

To us, task management means keeping an eye on everything. In conjunction with SNOWsat ToDo, SNOWsat collates the outstanding tasks from all areas in the ski resort.

Control of maintenance processes

Overview of all tasks

Easy Procurement simpler processes


SNOWsat Maintain helps you to manage your stock and optimises your ordering processes. The tool gives you an overview of available stock, and items can be added regardless of manufacturer.

Improved resource planning

Use Warehouse Management in SNOWsat Maintain to organise incoming and outgoing flows of material. When placing orders in the Kässbohrer spare parts shop, items are booked directly as planned stock acquisitions thanks to the interface.

Digital stock management also offers major advantages in the team. Required material can be assigned to equipment or a ToDo and reserved. By applying QR codes to your stock items you can avoid typing errors during allocation and can enter required items even faster.

Data Evaluation

Data produces knowledge: use the evaluation and analysis possibilities in SNOWsat Maintain to achieve greater transparency over your costs and equipment. Thus, you can analyse processes and increase the efficiency of your operations in the long term. SNOWsat Maintain provides you with comprehensive information about your servicing costs.

Compare your equipment and find the answer to the following questions:

  • How high are my servicing costs? How do these break down into repair and maintenance costs?
  • How many repairs and customer services were performed?
  • For how many days was my equipment available/unavailable?
  • How high are the servicing costs per operating hour?
  • How do I calculate the planning for my operating materials and spare parts for the coming season?


All information. At any time. Anywhere in the world. The SNOWsat Maintain app makes you more flexible. The app can be used by any employee in the ski resort and is also available offline.

Work from anywhere and communicate faster in the team – just two of the many advantages offered by the SNOWsat app. You can access all relevant information at any time via your smartphone or tablet, e.g. the operating status of the fleet.

Practical and efficient

Handle ToDos and checklists exactly where tasks arise: in the ski resort. SNOWsat Maintain allows you to create and edit tasks anywhere. All users can see the tasks they have been assigned directly in the app. Task Management works for both SNOWsat Maintain and SNOWsat ToDo.

Seamless documentation

You can use the app to record equipment anomalies or errors directly. For a detailed problem description you can add texts, images and videos to your documentation.

Record equipment-specific quantities for operating materials (e.g. fuel, oil) in the app, enabling you to evaluate these easily on the PC. This increases cost transparency.



SNOWsat Maintain

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